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I do NOT believe the ashes I received back from Pet Meadows Cremetory (in Hamilton, NJ) are in fact the ashes of my 12 pound Pomeranian, Missy. This place proved to me that they are unethical by calling my vet (Banfield in Deptford, NJ) and divulging personal information that was discussed between them and myself.

I called Pet Meadows asking if Missy was still there because I wanted her body back to be examined by an expert since I KNOW she would NOT have died on 11/25/14 if I didnt take her to Banfield.

Pet Meadows called Banfield and told them I changed my mind about the cremation and wanted Missy's body back to be examined. They informed Banfield of my entire conversation and Banfield documented it all in my dog's records. Pet Meadows told me Missy was already done and was being returned to Banfield later that day.

What if she really wasn't done yet and they just told me that and scooped out some random ashes and put them in a bag then in a wooden box with her name on it? After all, I am sure they would not have wanted to give her back to me. Also, since Banfields are their biggest clients, of course they wouldnt want me to take her body to an expert to be examined.

I learned they had done this when I picked up my dog's records and saw the notations Banfield put in there about Pet Meadows calling them and informing them of my conversation. It said they wanted to let them know that I had changed my mind about the cremation and wanted her body examined by an expert. Why the *** did they need to tell Banfield that??? Especially if she was already done???

Also, after reading as to what is involved in a pet cremation, I learned that you do NOT get the entire body back in ashes, just the bones are ground into ashes. There are too many ashes in this bag to be just the bones of a very small dog. Missy was supposed to be cremated PRIVATELY, not along with other pets, and JUST her ashes returned to me.

They gave me back ashes in a nice wooden box with a gold metal plate inscribed with her name, which obviously cost them money. After comparing prices to numerous other pet crematories, the going rate for a PRIVATE cremation with your pet's ashes returned to you is around $300. I was charged just $71 for this service.

I STRONGLY believe that this unethical place burned my dog along with other pets and just scooped out some ashes and put them in a box with her name on it. I cannot take comfort in knowing that I have MY dog's ashes and I wanted to have a customized diamond ring made from the carbon in her ashes. I HIGHLY doubt these ashes are Missy's.

I am beside myself with grief, not only because Pet Meadows partner vet, Banfield in Deptford, NEGLIGENTLY KILLED my dog, but I cant even find comfort in knowing that she is with me in this wooden box because I HIGHLY doubt that she is. I am completely DEVASTED by this and I hope others will avoid this place.

I posted on Craigslist how unethical this place was by calling my vet and how I suspected this is not exclusively my dog's ashes. Someone who no doubt works for them posted a response on Craigslist boasting about this place and raving about how they have a gathering every year and invite you there with food that they pay for "out of their own pocket".

SERIOUSLY??? Who would WANT to go there every year for a party and dinner? They may provide a necessary service, but I would be sick to my stomach just stepping on the property. NO WAY IN *** would I want to go have a pizza party at the place that burned my dog's body! (Or whatever kind of food they have) That is just GROSS and SICK! That's like having a dinner party in the morgue.

I do NOT believe I got what I paid for, which was MISSY to be done privately and not thrown into some pile and burned along with numerous other deceased animals, like a pile of trash. I paid for MISSY, and JUST MISSY to be returned to me, which I HIGHLY doubt is the case.

I am in the process of looking for a DNA testing facility that is capable of testing pet's remains. In the meantime, since I am almost POSITIVE this is not her, at least not exclusively, I would like them to refund my money for the service I paid for, which will be donated to the Big Hearts Fund, a pet charity to help owners with pets with heart disease (like Missy) be able to afford their care. They can contact me for the address and they can send the refund directly to the charity, in Missy's memory.

I am prepared to cause a LOT of bad publicity for this place if they dont do right by Missy, and do SOMETHING to honor her memory in a good way.

My question is...Where's Missy?

How many other people "THINK" they have THEIR pet, but don't really? This is such a HORRIBLE thing to think about. For only $71, Missy could not have been done by herself.

If you live in this area in NJ, please use Paws To Heaven instead! I guess you really do get what you pay for!

I WOULD have paid the $300 to have her done privately, if that is what it had cost. I should have known that for $71, it would't be Missy. I was just too overcome with grief and shock to think straight.

I pray to God this IS my sweet Missy, it's just doubtful!

This reviewer shared experience about problem with delivery and wants this business to "i want the money i paid ($71) for missy's private cremation donated to the big hearts fund, an organization that helps owners of pets with heart disease, like missy be able to afford treatment. this is such a devasting diagnosis for any pet owner to hear" as the author lost $71. weloveparrots is overall dissatisfied with Hamilton Pet Meadow and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about pet cremation at Hamilton Pet Meadow was unethical Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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you are not alone.I visited the grounds of the crematory I used for my pet and what I found was beyond aweful.

I took video, went back the next day with witnesses. All of which, myself included, work as veterinary technicians. I filled a complaint, called the EPA, the state, the county health dept. What it got me was a restraining order filled against by the crematorium owner, and upheld in Circuit Court.

I never even spoke to her, never threatened her, only filled a complaint against her business. See, she works part time for animal control so, the county protected her.

I know you are hurting.I feel the same.

to Anonymous Pennsauken Township, New Jersey, United States #1194564

OMG I am so sorry!I had inquired at the time of her death, which has now been almost 2 years if DNA can be done on a pets ashes and was told no.

However, I HAVE found places now that CAN determine at least if all of the ashes are from the SAME dog. So I am planning to see if there is a mixture of other animals in the bag and see if there were multiple dogs done at the same time. People have called me crazy for even thinking such a thing, but there are articles all over the place about pet cremetories doing unethical things and not doing dogs individually when they are supposed to. My biggest reason to doubt them is because Banfield told me it would take 2 weeks.

Then the exact day I call them to ask for her body back so I could take it for a necropsy, they told me she was already done and being returned that day. Then after they told me that, they called Banfield "to alert them" that I wanted her body back and make sure "they" didnt change THEIR mind. It was MY DOG! Plus they claim to protect your privacy and they didnt.

They told Banfield my entire conversation because I saw Banfields notes about it in my dogs records. Banfield KILLED my dog. I one hundred percent know that. They didnt want to give her body back to me to be able to prove it since Banfield is their biggest client.

So they scooped up some ashes put them in a box with her name on it and sent it to Banfield. In my heart, I truly believe this isnt Missy. So I cant take any comfort in knowing she is with me.

People can call me crazy all they want.These things DO happen and I am sure that many people who think they have their dogs ashes exclusively, DONT!

to Anonymous Paterson, New Jersey, United States #1236382

I'm fairly certain that you are thinking of a different crematory/cemetery. No one at Pet Meadow works for an animal control and no restraining orders have been filed. I'm sorry that someone in the cemetery profession has given you problems, but it was not Pet Meadow.


You are a nightmare of a person and a complete psychopath.

Gloucester Township, New Jersey, United States #961503

The poster is Michelle Miller .She is the most vile, unstable excuse for a woman ever.

She spends her days doing exactly what you see here. You can't tell this woman nothin. If Einstein were still alive and explained that e=mc2 she would still dispute it. The best way for every person or company to deal with her is to ignore her.

I'm sure all the law enforcement/courts in the area know what a flake she is and pay her no claims no attention. For someone "disabled" she sure has computer skills . So why can't you work Michelle? Why don't you contribute to society instead of living off tax payer dollars, and blasting everyone online ?

Then again I'm sure no one in their right mind would hire you. I'm sure you would delude a way to sue them for something or another. Michelle you are a lonely, severely disturbed woman and it's time to get a new hobby . You are a bully because no one likes you .

You got picked on all your life and you have turned into them.Leave all these hard working people alone.

to Anonymous #963781

Well if you know her I hope you report her to cps if she has kids and to the humane society if she has animals.She is a textbook case of Munchausen by proxy and I fear for the well being of any children or pets in her care.And I also hear the vet killed herself over this and on her facebook she is very happy about that.Some people need to be locked up for others safety and she is surely one of them.

to Anonymous Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #966008

You (Anonymous from Gloucester Township) sound far more vicious and insane than the original poster.She simply sounds overwhelmed with grief and doubt is a very natural part of the grieving process.

She originally did not name anyone by name, but then you did. I don't know who you are or what your motives are, but the woman who lost her dog is suffering and you just seem hateful.

To the woman who lost her dog, I am sorry for your pain. Cherish your dog's memory and not the ashes.

Obviously you loved her and did the best you could for her and she knew that.I hope in the future you can save another animal from a shelter and continue to find love and companionship.

to Anonymous #966907

I did try to be nice I really did but this has been going on far to long.Sure I said the same nice things to her at first also.But as I read on I found out how completely bent she really is.Click on her name and see all her other complaints and you too will see what I see.She is a chronic complainer.She is full of drama.She bullied a vet until the vet killed herself.A persons life is worth way more than a dogs life.She got evicted from her section 8 apt. for selling drugs.She buys a house in another state sight unseen then complains about that.She buys so many cars then complains about that.What I see is someone having alot of money to throw around for being on ssi.Makes me wonder where it all comes from.lawsuits,the taxpayers?

to mi #967607

How you spend your money is our business since we the tax payers are supporting you.Why can you not get a computer job since you are online all day?When you have a job then we will not care how you spend your money but now you are spending ours.Get a job.

to Anonymous Montreal, Quebec, Canada #969282

Actually no this Michelle Miller woman started all the naming.On her very first post about Banfiekd she public ally named both vets that she accused of malpractice and murder without waiting for the vet board to tech their official verdict!!!

She even put their photos that she stole from their Facebook pages all over her vile websites. She 100% deserves to be treated with the same lack of respect for her personal info.

Maybe then she will appreciate what a horrible thing it is she has been doing to those two vets.I hope those poor vets layers go all over her Facebook to get her info to sue her.


The author of this complaint has a previous history of lying and refusing to admit it once the facts have been revealed.Her dog died, and she just wants to take down everyone in her path.

Let's examine her complaint.

1) She doesn't believe that she got her dog's ashes back because they arrived so quickly. As another commenter has stated, the turnaround time depends on when the dog died, as the cremation service only picks up on certain days. Therefore, sometimes turnaround time is as little as 4 days, and sometimes as long as 2 weeks.

2) She doesn't believe she got her dog's ashes back because she was only charge $70 instead of upwards of $200.

$70 is the price for a "group" cremation, whereas $200 is the price of a "private" cremation. In a private cremation, you get your dogs ashes back in a box. In a group cremation, ashes from multiple animals are grouped together, thus they are never returned to the owner. Group cremations are offered to owners who cannot afford (or do not want) private cremation as a way to dispose of the body.

As the company has previously stated on another complaint site (yes, this woman posted her fabricated story ALL OVER the internet), BANFIELD sets the prices, not them. So if Banfield gave her a discount and only charged $70, then that has nothing to do with the way the body was handled at the crematorium. As you can see, she got ashes back in an engraved box, thus this was DEFINITELY a private cremation.

3) She is mad at the cremation company for relaying a conversation back to Banfield.

The owner called the cremation company to ask for the remains back as she wanted an autopsy, only to be told that she had already been cremated. The crematorium then called Banfield to relay the conversation to them. She thinks this is unethical. Why is this unethical?

If the crematorium has a contract with Banfield, they should be knowing that they are partnering with a company that handles their end of the transaction accurately. Imagine that the crematorium receives a frantic call from the owner, stating they want the body back. Now the crematorium thinks maybe they cremated a body that should have been put on hold. Why would they not call Banfield to confirm that the owner didn't call them first to cancel the cremation?

Imagine if the owner had called Banfield, told them to cancel the cremation, and Banfield didn't notify the crematorium? That would be an egregious mistake, and the crematorium would want to rethink their contract with Banfield Pet Hospital. That didn't actually happen, but I'm sure the employee just wanted to confirm that they had not made a mistake in cremating the dog.

Anyway....I very much doubt that this lady is going to amend her story or retract her baseless complaint.

She just wants to blame everybody else for the death of her dog who died from heart failure.

Watertown, Minnesota, United States #958291

I Read your story, and i must say, you need to just be happy with the cremation.Our big yellow lab had to be put out of his misery from a illness.

It was a very emotional day for us, BUT OMG we were sooo happy when they called and said he was ready to b picked up!We then were going to bury him and then put a solar light on top of him.And on the solar statue, we put his old collar on that,and so it reminded us of him, ALWAYS !! WE NEVER EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THE ASHES. PLEASE STOP WHAT YOUR DOING, AND JUST ACCEPT YOUR DOGGY, AND KNOW THEY KNOW HOW MUCH OUR ANIMALS MEAN TO US! JUST BE GRATEFUL THERE ARE PLACES THAT DO This service for us all!!


to jilly Orange, California, United States #959041

This person never loved Missy, he is more concerned about paying costs than he is of Missy.


You seriously need a mental health check.

After reading your previous posts it seems to me that you are LOOKING for things to complain about at this point. I'm sorry your dog died, but enough is enough :/

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States #950868

Why would you put somewhere on blast like this without even having factual evidence that it's NOT your dog???I had my dog cremated there last year.

They were nothing but wonderful and caring. Even returned his blanket back to my vet. Why would they just pick some random ashes?

For fun?I think you need some professional help, seriously.

to Eg0610 Camden, New Jersey, United States #951290

Because I have some damning suspicious evidence against them as proof.I spoke with the owner Debra yesterday for quite some time and explained to her why it looks so bad for them.

Even if it is Missy, and i pray to God it is, they were still unprofessional for calling Banfield and giving them details of what I said during a PRIVATE phone call and she admitted that to me and said that the girl Sara who did that was no longer employed there. I have filed a complaint against them with the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories, as this violates ethics. She also also gave me details about someone elses case who filed a complaint against her. This is unethical.

Then there is a 3rd complaint about them on Yelp. The notes I have in my dog's chart from Banfield about them are pretty damning and make them look really bad and the whole situation suspicious. If you saw them, you would understand that. They arent the glowing place you think they are.

I am glad you had a good experience, but I didnt.I had a very traumatic experience and so did a few others.

to weloveparrots #951306

The last time I checked, "suspicious evidence" does NOT equal "proof." Your assumptions do not equal proof.

Camden, New Jersey, United States #950279

Quoting the notes right out of Missy's records from Banfield, " Pet Meadow wanted to alert us and make sure the pt did not try to contact us to change OUR mind in regards to cremation.I informed her that O paid for cremation and approved it."

Banfield KNEW I wanted Missy's body back to be examined by an expert if she had not been done yet, because I called them and told them that, right before calling Pet Meadows.

Banfields own records says it takes about a week. However Pet Meadow is saying they picked Missy up from Banfield on December 4 and returned her on December 9.

What a coincidence she just "happened" to be done and was being returned to Banfield the same day I called saying I wanted her back for an autopsy. Just 4 days later!!!!! Pet Meadow had admitted their contract ( and thus loyalty, lies with Banfield, not me, and not Missy).

Pet Meadow is just as unethical as Banfield!

They didnt have the right to tell Banfield anything or to make sure " BANFIELD didnt change THIER mind about the cremation. Missy was MY dog! I had EVERY right to have her back and have her body examined. I currently have a complaint filed with the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners against Banfield in Deptford for killing my dog and if I would have gotten Missy examined by an expert, this could have proved it.

Banfield knows this, and so Pet Meadow helped them cover it up by not giving me back her body.

I do NOT believe she was already done and returned after just 4 days, in fact she was probably still at Banfield and probably never made it to Pet Meadow.

Lastly, as horrible as this sounds, and as much as I really want to have my dog. I compared bags of ashes with my former boss's 14 pound cat. Missy was a 12 pound dog. Her cat was cremated at Paws to Heaven.

Her cat had less ashes than my bag, and he was bigger! That just leaves me to believe what I had suspected all along, that this is NOT Missy! This may sound crazy, I admit. But, guess what people, crazy things do happen in this world.

Look at the facts here.

This is DEVASTATING, unthinkable, and unacceptable!This is NOT the last Pet Meadow, Banfield or the public will be hearing about this!

to weloveparrots #951312

The reason why Banfield probably told you it would take a week is because sometimes it does.I'll explain how a pet cremation center works: There are usually set pick up days that the company will come to the hospital to pick up decreased pets.

The hospital will store the pets in a freezer (kind of like a morgue) until they are picked up. Pick up does NOT happen every day, and usually happens about once or twice a week (depending on the hospital). The bodies are then transported to the cremation center and cremated. The cremation center will either then ship the remains back to the hospital, or deliver them directly to the hospital upon the next pick up.

The time it takes to get remains back depends on many factors: the day the pet died in relation to pick up days, the number of animals needing to be cremated, the manner in which remains are returned to the hospital, and the turnaround time it takes to make name plates and package the remains. Having worked at a veterinary hospital before, we usually give an owner a longer-than-expected turnaround time so they are not disappointed if the remains arrive later than anticipated.

I guarantee you that they didn't just rush to cremate to cover something up. Lets say that you kept Missy's body and sent it away for a necropsy.

There would be NO WAY to determine negligence. You are accusing the vets of stressing your dog out and exacerbating her heart condition, to the point of fulminant heart failure. The thing is, even if that was true, there would be no way to prove that as the pathologic and anatomical features of her heart would look identical regardless. Based on the age and breed of your dog, I'm guessing your dog had mitral valve degeneration.

The ONLY things that a necropsy would show would be the anatomical changes including valve degeneration, and probably an enlarged left atrium +/- large left ventricle, pulmonary hypertension, and/or lung changes.

There's no specific way to prove that stress pushed her over the edge.There's no coverup here, as having a necropsy would do nothing to prove or disprove your case.

to Darlene New York, New York, United States #951376

Phew, someone with some common sense and intelligence on this site.Yup.

100% this. A necropsy would do no good either way in this case, if anything it would just reconfirm the degree of heart disease already known to be present. Anyone with medical knowledge will know this.

Also we use a different crematorium & their turnabout time is also frequently 10-14 days because they only come by to collect and drop-off remains ~2 times a week.

Depending on where in that pickup/drop-off cycle the pets death occurs the remains could be returned anywhere in that time frame, sometimes as early as 7 days.

I do however agree that $70 seems very cheap for a private cremation, my suspicion would be that they gave you a heavy discount as a gesture of goodwill given how upset you obviously are?Why not ask them?

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